When a Vote is Worth €36,000

NRJ Councillor for CashThe Ciudadanos Nerja councillor, Mari Carmen López, will now receive a gross salary of 36,500 euros, thanks to her joining the Nerja coalition administration.

This payment arrangement was included in the municipal modification to councillors’ salaries owing to new coalition set up with the PP as the dominant party.

This quantity is the amount that PP councillors receive for full-time employment. Sra. López will be taking over as head of Beaches from PP councillor, Francisco Arce, as well as, European Resources that was run until now by PP councillor, Ángela Díaz.

Councillor Arce formally requested to be taken off full-time public employment a couple of months ago. His role of Head of Infrastructure will be taken over by the Mayor, José Alberto.

It is worth mentioning that one year ago the PP Mayor when he came to power proposed and had approve an increase of salary by 19% for himself and up to 25% for councillors on full-time employment (liberados). However, in that Plenary Meeting Councillor Mari Carmen López voted against this increase.

Editorial comment: strange how Sra López didn’t insist on the original amount as a salary seeing as she voted against the increase – just saying!

(News: Nerja, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)


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