Polish Fugitive Caught

SPN Polish Fugitive Caught 01A Polish fugitive was tracked down to Barcelona and arrested by the Policía Nacional around midmonth last month.

The arrested man had a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) out on him as he was wanted for attempted murder and armed robbery. In one of these robberies he allegedly shot a man leaving him in a wheelchair for life.

The Spanish police were able to track him down thanks to following a lead: two of his close friends had travelled to Barcelona. The first flew from Poland to Germany and from there to the Aeropuerto de Barcelona-El Prat. The two-stage flight was to mislead the Polish police if they were thinking that they were visiting the wanted man – they were, of course.

When they came out of the airport in Barcelona, they took a taxi to the centre of the city, where they met up with a woman and child. Short moments afterwards, a man on a bicycle, answering to the description of the wanted man, turned up. We say, “answered the description” but as he was wearing a cycle helmet, surgical and dark glasses, it was impossible to be sure. However, his build and height matched.

The police moved in as soon as he had sat down and removed his glasses and mask. He put up a struggle but was successfully subdued and cuffed.

(News: Barcelona, Cataluña)

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