Swimming for A Good Cause

COS Swimming for Bone MaroDionisio Torre (Granada) and Bart De Rooze (Belgium) are swimming their way from one end of the Costa Tropical to the other to raise funds for a good cause.

Their aquatic adventure is to promote the donation of much needed blood and bone marrow; not for themselves but for those that need such donations.

They set off on the 8th of March to cover the distance (about 90 kms) in stages but had to put a halt to it when the Lock Down came into force. Today, however, they set off again to attempt the fourth stage, which is from Almuñécar to Motril.

Dionisio and Bart post their route and times each week on their facebook account.

Although just the two of them started out, more swimmers are joining them, at least on certain stages – tomorrow, for example there will be at least eight swimmers striking out for Motril. They post their route and times so that if anybody wants to join them anywhere along the way, then they will know where to find them.

The itinerary is:
08.30h set off from Playa Cabria heading for the Motril golf club. They will be landing on Playa del Pargo (Salobreña): 09.40h and then will rest up on Playa Salobreña for 10 minutes for water and a small bite of something. They leave El Peñón Salobreña: 10.30h and land in front of the 18 Nudos Surf Club around 11.10h. They hope to arrive in front of the golf glub around 11.45h. All times are subject to currents and wind.

One of the associations they are trying to support is Héroes hasta la Médula, which was founded by a friend of theirs, who lost his son to child leukaemia.

But this gesture is not only to help bone-marrow and blood donations but also to promote the Costa Tropical itself.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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