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La Herradura Bay Swim

A swimmer from Malaga, Alejandro Castaño Chacón, of the Fuengirola Swimming Club won the XIX La Herradura Across the Bay Swim in the incredible time of 27 minutes and 48 seconds, and not a jellyfish in sight!


Now the weather is beginning to warm up, no doubt you will soon be needing a dip in the pool to cool yourself down, but don’t be caught out by finding your pool isn’t quite up to scratch. Whether it’s a broken pump or filter, or possibly just a few chemicals, make sure you check it out before the heat really cranks up.

Casa Técnica

The Ed dragged me in to see the guys at Casa Técnica recently… I say dragged, because I was expecting to be bored by miles of pipes and wires along with explanations about the technology where I would nod knowingly after each sentence having understood little or nothing. However, Erhard is, I am pleased to…

The Whole Hole

he Editor said to me there was a hole, and he needed me to look into it, which I did, and it was deep!
The real point is, that many of us, on occasion, need holes, whether it is for a septic tank, a swimming pool or even footings for a building project. And this is where J.D. Mini Maquinaria comes in with their range of excavators and dumpers with drivers.