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ALM Police Control Beaches San Juan 2020Well, this year’s San Juan was like no other… because there wasn’t one: no bonfires, no groups of teenagers jumping the flames – not a sausage!

And when we say, “not a sausage” it means every beach along the coastlines of Spain… not just Playa Cantarriján.

If there were merriment, it was within the four walls of coastal residents and short of setting fire to the sitting-room table, there was not much chance of a decent bonfire.

The police were out shooing reluctant beachgoers, fingering longingly their disappointed cigarette lighters, from the beach as 19.00h or 20.00h (according to the town) approached yesterday evening. Some even filled empty 2L Fanta bottles with seawater to wash their feet and hands at midnight as an act of pitiful rebellion.

With the beaches cleared – but watched over – the next task was to stop the blighters holding San Juan fiestas on the streets – more than a few tried.

In the end, San Juan followed San Jose, San Jorge, San Patricio and the marching bands of Semana Santa into silent submission before the necessities of our collective health.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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