Government Contradicts Itself

SPN Minister Carmen CalvoThe Central Government tends to contradict itself, depending on which minister is speaking, which was the case yesterday concerning a new Lock Down.

The Vice PM, Carmen Calvo, was quite explicit when she announced, “if the moment arrives and we have a serious situation, the Government can quite easily decree another State of Alarm.”

This obviously “alarmed” the Government itself because the Governmental Spokeswoman, María Jesús Montero, assured that the pandemic was under control: “the Government is not studying, not in the medium term nor short term, in issuing decree for a State of Alarm,” adding, “there is nothing to be worried about and we do not have it in mind to carry out such a move.

She concluded by saying that regional government have the “tools” to tackle localised outbreaks without having to resort to a decree.

What has provoked these statements has been several, 15 in total, localised outbreaks across the country. The first one was in a home for the elderly in Lleida where 18 people have contracted the virus; 13 of them residents and five staff members.

Another one was also in that city but in a small hotel were 42 migrant farm workers are staying, seven of whom have tested positive.

Across the country in Málaga, nine people from a Red Cross centre for immigrants have tested positive and around a hundred who have been in contact with them are being traced.

There have also been outbreaks in Huesca, Murcia, Galicia, Fuerteventura, Navarra, Valencia, Cáceres and Guipúzcoa.

…And the frontiers are still not even open to tourists from abroad.

(News: Spain)

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