Inexplicable Behaviour

GRA Fallen Dog JN20The owner of an aged dog allegedly threw it from a 2nd-storey window in Granada on Friday night; it survived the fall.

It was around eleven in the evening when neighbours in the Joaquina Eguaras area of the city heard a thud. Lying on the ground lay 17-year-old Pitirila alive but convulsing.

The police were alerted and went to the flat of the owner but she wouldn’t open the door to them. Minutes after a vet arrived who had received a call from one of the neighbours, who is a member of the Amigos de los Animales de Granada.

The dog was in such a bad state that the only thing that could be done for her was to receive an injection to end her life and to put a stop to her obvious suffering.

Despite everybody knowing exacty who the dog belonged to, the owner did not come forward to claim the body. For this reason the Policía Local have charged her with ‘abandoning an animal’ in order to hold her to some sort of account, as it is not known whether she did throw it from the window or somehow the animal climbed out and fell, which is why she can’t be charged with animal cruelty.

Editorial comment: It is hard to imagine that you have a dog for company for 17 years and then throw it out of a window, it’s probably the case that it fell.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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