The Long Nose of The Law

GRA TorvisconA man driving a Peugeot 406 overtook a Guardia Civil patrol car on a B-road in the Alpujarra Granadina and was dismayed to see its lights activate. He was dismayed because the 66-year-old man happened to have nearly 60 kilos of marihuana onboard.

So how the hell did the Guardia know that he was carrying wonky weed? The answer was because they got a strong whiff of it as the man sailed past them. Quite apart from that, it’s never a good idea to overtake a police car anywhere in the world.

Anyway, this happened on Monday within the municipality of Torvizcón. The officers asked the man to open the boot and there, before them, were seven packages containing a total of 58.9 kilos of cannabis sativa, also known as tricky triffid, wonky weed, smiley smoke, Mary Jane or simply marihuana. But these were green leaves and flower heads, so once dried for consumption would have weighed less than half.

The marijuana was confiscated and he was brought before a magistrate in Órgiva, who ordered his release pending trial.

Given the benevolence of the climate and its attraction for aging hippies and new-age travellers, marihuana is becoming an ‘interesting crop’ both for personal use and a source of income. For example, once dried, the confiscated marihuana that the man was transporting could have brought him in around 75,000 euros.

Editorial comment: it’s such a waste of police resources so its about time that it was made completely legal to grow, sell and use, thus cutting out the drug-smuggling mafia out of the loop.

(News: Torviscon, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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