Health Workers’ Holiday Gift

ALM Panoramic viewAlmuñécar Town Hall, through its Tourism Board, has earmarked 150,000 euros to finance 1,500 holiday vouchers at 100 euros each.

These vouchers will be valid for stays in the municipality’s hotels, hostales, tourist apartments and campsites.

The said holiday vouchers (bonos vacacionales) can be obtained by any ‘frontline’ workers during this health crisis from any part of Spain. Amongst those that qualify are health workers, police officers, pharmacists, etc.

The objective is two fold: help reactivate the local hostelry sector and increase the number of visitors to the municipality, which in turn would benefit the other tourism-related sectors such as, shops, restaurants and leisure activities.

The Town Hall is still working on the finer details at the moment.

Editorial comment: where does one draw the line regarding who has been a frontline worker? The supermarket checkout staff, street cleaners, bank staff… they have all had to deal with the public, after all.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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