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Missing The Lock Down?

FTR Agoraphobia

Before you utter, “weirdo”, and slam the lid shut on your laptop computer, just admit, deep down, that you do. Let me explain. Living at the top of a mountain road there was a blissful absence of annoying cyclists, bikers and Anglophile drivers using the wrong side of the road. With a little over a…

Masks in A Car

SPN Masks in a car

With this accelerated pace of Lock-Down easing it’s hard to keep track of what you can and cannot do, or where you can or cannot go, for that matter.

Going Outside Timetable

SPN Minister of Health Illya

We now have timetable for people to go out to practice sports or just for a walk; from those over 70 down to minors. For villages of less than 5,000 there is no timetable.

Liberation Day

SPN El Dos de Mayo 02

The Spanish PM announced last night that if this week goes well concerning the loosening of Lock Down restrictions, the following week will see further developments.