Almuñécar Sells off Patrimony

ALM Casa MorganAlmuñécar Town Hall has been scratching around for funds for a few months, so they’re going to sell off a bit of publicly owned real estate.

The Councillor for Hacienda, Rafael Caballero, announced that they had been working since February on looking at buildings and land plots belonging to the Town Hall that are not being used or they have no plans for.

Councillor Caballero said they had considered Casa Morgan and the Pago de la Majada for putting up for sale.

Casa Morgan had been left to Almuñécar in a will on the condition that it be used in connection with children; i.e. a play school or something of the sort. See our 2011 article on this. In 2007 The Town Hall opened the house as a ‘gastronomic museum’ splashing out on decoration. However, the venture flopped in 2010, so the Mayor tried to sell it as a privately owned restaurant.

If turning it into a publicly owned gastronomic museum instead of using it for the benefit of children was controversial, imagine what sort of flak they got for trying to sell it as a restaurant. But here we are ten years later with the same idea – flog it for cash!

If they do manage to sell it, they’re looking at around a million euros for this 549 sq/m cortijo on its 6,300 sq/m plot

The Pago de la Majada is a more modest affair comprising of a plot of only 157 sq/m with a 133 sq/m build on it. There are also four more minor plots, all of which are lined up for sale as early as this summer.

For the Town Hall to sell its patrimony they must make it alienable: alienability in property law is the capacity for a piece of property or a property right to be sold or otherwise transferred from one party to another. Sounds complicated? Your inalienable rights are those that can not be taken from you; i.e., they are not transferrable.

The councillor has not explained on what the money will be spent, if the sales goes through but gave assurance that it will be in benefit of the municipality.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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