Tardy Fine Notification

GRA City Centre Speed CamsAnother problem that is appearing – an unforeseen one – concerns traffic fines, as the City Hall of Granada has discovered.

When a nice friendly policeman stops you to inform you that your bank balance is going to take a hit, he also tells you that if you pay up within a certain amount of days (20), you will only have to pay half.

There’s no problem here because the splendid gentleman hands you the fine and you thank him profusely, making a mental note to pay it before the said period expires.

But what if a speed camera has just snapped a shot of you hunched over your steering wheel with knitted brows and a panting speedometer sobbing on your dash? You won’t find out about it until you get notification through the post, right?

Therein lies the problem because the post is taking much longer than before owing to the restrictions, manpower shortages in administrative offices and gremlins in the system. Furthermore, municipal clerks now working from home cannot access the industrial printer that the City Hall uses to print out postal, fine notification.

Some people have received postal notification a month after the 50%-discount period has expired. Well, you say, serves them right but there is the question of legality. By law you are entitled to this grace period so if you are denied it…

Conscious that they could get into trouble over this the City Hall has decided that if you do receive such a tardy notification, you should contact them and they will reissue it so that the count down restarts. It’s a bit more complicated than that but as neither you or I are interested in all that, we’ll skip it.

Cutting a long story short, they have set up an email address to handle this problem: cartadepago@granada.org.

But as you haven’t been up to Granada since the 15th and therefore haven’t fallen foul of the speed cameras that have infested the city… then you’ve just wasted your time reading this, but let’s face it, you’re reading even the backs of Corn Flake packets on the toilet in the morning because you’re so bored with being stuck at home.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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