How Can This Be?

SPN Contagious RatWhilst thousands of people have shown amazing solidarity and sacrifice there have been others – thankfully few – who have shown the opposite.

We’re talking about – let’s not mince words – cowards that have persecuted medical staff and supermarket till operators by leaving messages on their front doors asking or telling them to move somewhere else, so that they don’t infect their neighbours.

Some of the messages have been redacted in an almost apologetic tone, “appealing to the person’s sense of responsibility,” whilst others have been sadistic, like the person who sprayed painted “contagious rat” down the side of a female doctor’s car, which was parked in the communal car park beneath the block where she lives.

Somehow the authors of these notes and graffiti believe that they are justified in persecuting the very people that are putting their own lives at risk; day in, day out, for them.

The person who put a note on the door of a supermarket worker, telling her to move somewhere else, taking her young child with her, will quite happily go down to a supermarket to buy food… and expect to be able to.

The person who sprayed “contagious rat” on a doctor’s car will expect to be treated by medical staff if they fall prey to the virus – and they will be treated, probably even by his or her victim.

Yes, a crisis like this one brings out the best in people, it also brings to the fore the malignant few who prey on the very people who gladly risk their lives to save them.

(News: Spain)

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