A Coronavirus Holiday

GRA Pradollano Sierra NevadaNot all aspects of the law governing the Lock Down appear logical, but even so, you have to toe the line; not for your sake, but for everybody else’s, yet…

Yes, “yet” because there are those that really couldn’t give a damn, like people from Madrid who decided to spend their Easter holidays up in the Sierra Nevada village, Pradollano, which is part of the ski-station complex. During Easter more and more apartments had people living in them.

«Nobody knows why so many flats have been occupied by people from Madrid. We imagine that they travelled at the time of day when there are fewest controls on the road to the ski station,” considered the Monachil Policía Local – Pradollano lies within the municipality.

He also pointed out that they have found footprints in the fresh snow, which means not only did these people break their quarantine in Madrid, but that they’re doing in Pradollano as well. In fact, during just one day up there they fined six people out on the slopes, all of whom were from Madrid.

Bear in mind that Madrid is the New York of Spain as far as contagion goes; i.e., most of the country’s cases can be found in Madrid.

The Mayor of Monachil, José Morales, confirmed that he received dozens of calls over Semana Santa from locals reporting the arrival of outsiders.

But before you start sending hate mail to the city’s main post office, the majority of those that have made their way down from Madrid arrived to quarantine themselves in their flats; either their own second homes or rented accommodation.

(News: Sierra Nevada, Granada Andalucia)

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