Bed-Ridden Woman Rescued

GRA Granny RescuedIt was thanks to a block janitor that an elderly, bed-ridden woman was rescued after spending several days without assistance.

Her helper had contracted coronavirus and had quarantined herself leaving the 80-year-old woman alone and helpless in bed, unable to get up to use the bathroom or feed herself.

It is not known whether the helper tried to inform the woman’s relatives or not or if so, why nobody acted on it, but the case is that after several days with no movement from her flat (he normally collects her rubbish from outside her door), the janitor decided to check on her. He received no answer so he contacted the police

When the police and ambulance crew arrived at Nº15, Gran Vía in the centre of Granada, they were unable to enter so the fire department was called and an extendable, rescue ladder was used to reach her window.

She was slightly dehydrated but apart from that, in reasonable health after spending several days alone and unattended.

This is another sign of how much strain this health crisis is putting on the normal connections between human beings that many of us depend on.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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