Lock Down Tightened

SPN Prime Minister SanchezLater today the Prime Minister hopes to approve stricter confinement measures in order to slow down the expansion of COVID-19.

One of the main changes will be the shutting down of building work, which has been allowed to continue as part of the essential activities up until now.

Workers who now have to stay at home due to this latest change will continue to be paid but the hours lost must be made up before the end of this year. This measure will come into effect on Monday and last until the 9th of April, inclusive.

The PM, who has received pressure from regional heads of government from both sides of the political aisle, has made this latest move reluctantly. Proof of this is the fact that on Friday he announced that he didn’t think that tighter restrictions would be necessary only for the Government Spokesperson for Communication to announce this latest change at 17.45h the next day.

His original idea was to wait until this coming Tuesday, when the first two weeks of Lock Down had concluded to evaluate the need for further action.

“It is necessary to use a scalpel in order not to sever a nerve in our social organism that might compromise the sustainability of the confined population or the coming recovery. This is forcing us to find a very difficult balance; a very delicate one,” said the PM on Wednesday during the Parliamentary Plenary Meeting of the Lower House. This was in response to political parties that were calling for more drastic confinement measures.

Yesterday the official figure for those infected stood at 72,249 whilst those that have died was approaching 5,700. Despite the fact that the expansion rate is slowing, it is still climbing.

Until the Board of Ministers meeting has concluded the exact details of the new restrictions are not fully known, so we will provide a more detailed article when these have been announced in full.

(News: Spain)

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