First Police Casualties

AND Guardia Civil GenericThe Guardia Civl has lost its first guardsman to Coronavirus: 37-year-old Pedro Alameda had been serving in (Valdemoro) Madrid.

The deceased, who was the union representative for the Guardia Civil, leaves behind a wife and 5-year-old daughter. He had been confined to his home since the 6th of March and then hospitalised in the Hospital Quirón de Alcorcón.

According to the Guardia Civil, he had no previous record of a lung condition.

Several members of the Valdemoro post had experienced symptoms over the last few weeks and had self-isolated at home, Guardsman Alameda amongst them.

But this was not the only death amongst Spain police forces in Madrid – the most heavily affected area of Spain – as a 58-year-old Policía Local also died from this viral infection.

Officer Juan Sánchez had been serving in the Vicálvaro district of the city. Unlike the Guardia Civil fatality, Sánchez did have a record of serious respiratory problems. For this reason he had been off sick since the 10th of February.

Editorial comment: spare a thought for those that do not have the luxury of being confined to their homes but instead have to daily put their lives at risk serving the general public – it’s not only the medical profession that merit our utmost respect.

(News: Madrid)

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