Almuñécar Taxes Postponed

ALM Mayor pressconference OnLThe Mayor of Almuñécar, Trinidad Herrera Lorente, made the following announcement on Wednesday the 18th.

Amongst the points included was the suspension of vehicle tax corresponding to the present year, as well as a tax on garage entrances (vados).

These taxes, which are normally payable from the 1st of April, will instead be payable from the 1st of July to the 31st of August – after that period you will be liable to a surcharge, as is always the case.

She also announced that the Town Council will suspend the tax on bar/restaurant terraces occupied by tables and chair for the duration of the present lock down. Those that have already paid for the affected period can reclaim the corresponding amount.

Furthermore, the payable tax on the occupation of public right-of-way for tables and chairs (restaurants & bars outside seating), you will be able to fractionise (divide into four parts with no interest) the tax.

Lastly, once the Town Hall receives grants from the Central, and Regional administrations, they will open lines of credit for Almuñécar businesses that were forced to close during the lock down.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical,Granada, Andalucia)

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