Airlines Must Refund

GRA Granada AirportAirlines are obliged to return fares for flights to Italy that have been cancelled following the Spanish Government’s decision to ban all flights between the two countries.

However, ticket holders should not cancel the flights themselves but rather wait until the airline informs them of the flight cancellation, suggests a consumers rights association.

The Central Government took the decision on Tuesday to suspend incoming flights from Italy owing to the Coronavirus pandemic and Italy being the prime focus of infections in Europe.

Under normal circumstance, around a hundred flights a day arrive from Italy, according to the agency that handles Spanish airports, Aena. Therefore, if flights are suspended during a fortnight, we’re looking at around 1,500 cancelled flights, or, if you prefer, between 150,000 and 200,000 passengers.

Editorial note: this information is indicative only and not to be taken as definitive.

(News: Spain)

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