Not Clever

GRA LEC Durcal fire MR20A woman in Dúrcal was slightly injured when she decided to light her sitting-room fire with petrol from a container.

Having doused the wood and kindle, she decided to use a cigarette lighter to light it. Things went whoosh, igniting the rest of the petrol in the container.

She literally managed to get the flaming container out of the door  by kicking it all the way. Her next task was to break a window and launch her two dogs through it – being a ground floor, it wasn’t a problem.

The Dúrcal Policía Local rapidly appeared at the scene and with their efforts stopped the fire damaging the house further. However, the smoke inside the house was the worst problem for the police, as they are not equipped with breathing gear. It took a while but the house was finally cleared of it.

The woman was taken to the Dúrcal Medical Centre where her slight burns were treated.

(News: Durcal, Valle de Lecrín, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Ideal)

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