New Sierra Nevada Hotels

GRA New Sierra Nevada HotelsA building developer is going to spend 45m euros on two new hotels on the Pradollano (Sierra Nevada) ski resort.

These will be the first hotels to be built in the last 20 years. Meliá Solynieve was renovated in 1999 converting a 3-star, 175-room hotel into a 4-star, 258-room hotel. The projected 5-star hotels, will not have as many rooms: one will have 55 rooms and the other 110.

Inmobiliario Arttysur Lux Village hopes to have the first one open its 5-star doors within the next three years, as well as 17 luxury dwellings built in Finnish wood (Honka) with a going price of 950,000 euros each… and they’re already under construction.

It seems that there are people willing to pay that amount because of the 17, only five remain unsold.

The hotel complex will stand 2,400 metres above sea level between the second and third stop on the cable car with direct access to the Aguila Ski Slope.

Finally, the developer says that building work for the first hotel should begin in May (if nothing goes wrong in the meantime) with an execution period of two years.

Editorial comment: it’s a bit like watching the Costa del Sol and then the Costa Tropical being gobbled up by hotels and apartment blocks until no virgin coastline is left… and now it’s the Sierra Nevada, which is a delicate eco system…

(News: Pradollano, Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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