Carmenes Desperation

LHR Carmenes Damaga 13 OnLFor the affected homeowners up on Urbanización los Cármenes del Mar, it doesn’t appear to matter how many times you win a court case – nothing happens. It’s always the different administrations that are dragging their feet.

Yes, both the Junta and the Town Hall and even the Central Government, wring their hands in anguish, oozing sympathy and understanding, but getting them to actually do something is a different matter.

Each time it rains, everybody is out looking for more cracks – has the hillside moved?

Thirty percent of the dwellings nearest the sea end have eviction orders on them, some dating back to 2011, others to 2015, but if you have nowhere else to go as you have put your last penny into your dream house (which has turned into a nightmare) you’re going to stay put and pray. It’s not a case of staying with relatives or friends because this has been going on for ten long years – a sofa gets very uncomfortable over a decade.

Thirteen years ago the building developer began stabilising work demanded of it, but only got around to 10%, yet the Town Hall did nothing to force them to finish it.

Things were supposed to get moving in November last year when the Supreme Court backed the provincial court’s findings; i.e., it sentenced the construction company to put right the damage caused to dwellings, but a fat lot of good that will do if the admininstration – the very people that approved the building of an urbanización on a hillside known to be unstable, only to take the (building licence) money and run.

Who is guilty here? The Town Hall for giving permission to build there and the Junta for approving the municipal, urban development plan that included this hillside. Yet, the Mayor bleats poverty and the Junta just sighs and makes the right noises. Sometime you can only wonder whether these politicians will only act belatedly after a house slides down into the sea with a family in it.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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