Baby Swallows Hashish

GRA Hospital Materno InfantilAn 18-month-old baby was hospitalised on Wednesday after ingesting hashish. The mother brought the child in without knowing what was up with it.

All she knew was that the baby was very ill so she rushed him into the Hospital Materno Infantil in Granada. It was only after tests carried out by doctors that they realised that the child had swallowed this substance.

Once this was determined and having spoken with the mother it was decided to keep the baby in the Unidad de Observación.

Following established protocol in these circumstances, the police were informed. Consequently, the mother was arrested and had to spend the night in police cells, accused of child mistreatment, which could have changed had the baby’s condition worsen and lead to death.

Fortunately for the child, and for the mother, although the baby has remained under observation, its condition has improved considerably and its life out of danger. The mother, who is separated from the father, has since been released pending trial.

The mother was alone in the house with the child when the accident occurred; and an accident it was, as there was no intentionality behind the child’s consumption of the drug. The mother has recognised that there was small balls of hashish resin around the house (chinas).

When the child has fully recovered, its custody will pass to the father, who has lived separated from the mother for the last two years.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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