Maldonaitor Headstone

ALM Maldoneitor HeadstoneLuis Augusto Maldonado, better known as  El Maldonaitor, now has a name plaque on his burial niche in the Almuñécar cemetery, thanks to a generous donar.

Luis, who was a street busker and as well as playing on stage in concerts, came over from Argentina in the early 80s after a run in with the military junta that governed the country up to the Falklands War.

He died in July last year and his funeral (niche) was paid for by the Town Hall, which is the case for anybody who dies in the municipality without relatives and the means to pay for it themselves. Many people attended the service and when he was placed in the burial niche there was a spontaneous ovation – he was well liked in his adopted hometown.

But there was no marble name plaque, as is the custom, so that same August a campaign was started to raise funds for one. Within days an Almuñécar-born owner of a company specialised in marble work (Artesanos García Blesa) offered to provide it, fully engraved and install it.

The plaque bears the epithath: The town of Almuñécar will not forget you.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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