The First Snow Fall

GRA Sierra Nevada First Snows Autumn 2019çWell, all the signs are out there that summer is drawing to a close – the latest is a snowfall on the Sierra Nevada.

The snow that fell in the early hours of Wednesday couldn’t be described as copious but snowed it did.

Last week there was also a sprinkling of ‘white’ up there but it wasn’t snow, just hailstones, so that doesn’t count.

This modest snowfall, which was around 2,600 metres up near the Borreguiles ski slope, won’t last long, although there might be some more this Friday, according to the weather forecasts.

However, you’re advised not to start searching for your snowboots and skiing kit, because the snowy mantal that gives the Sierra Nevada its name is still a while off.

(News: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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