Rapists Attacked in Prison

SPN Murcia PrisonThree men being held in custody in Murcia since the 18th, accused of gang rape, were set upon by prison inmates.

The attack happened as the prisoners were returning to their cells after the midday meal.

The prison wardens on duty heard shouting but by the time that they arrived it was to find one of the three men with a broken nose and another bleeding from a cut on his temple. Although the third prisoner received his share of blows, he escaped injury.

The two prisoners with injuries were sent to the prison infirmary to be treated. All three have since been moved to another wing. The Governor has consequently begun an investigation into the incident.

It was the previous day to the attack that a judge had sent the three men to jail without bail pending trial for the reported gang-rape of a 40-year-old woman in a flat occupied by squatters on Calle Santa Rita in the city of Murcia.

The block of flats is frequented by drug pushers and junkies with at least one flat being occupied by squatters. The woman was set upon in the main entrance and forced into the said flat.

She was later found wandering along a nearby street with a bloody face and other injuries. All of those involved, including the victim, are foreign residents.

A fourth person who is also facing trial is an Ukrainian woman who has been charged with failing to provide assistance; i.e., going for help. She was released pending trial.

(News: Murcia)

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