Sneaky Endesa

SPN Electricity BillWhen a utility company or mobile-phone operator launches a new offer where you seemingly save money, you don’t – they’re not going to launch a product to lose money.

And so it is with Endesa’s latest offer, whereby the user is convinced to abandon the PVPC (fixed price) system for variable version where you can take advantage of the cheaper night hours.

At face value, it looks attractive because between 23.00h and 13.00h, you actually save around two euros a month – fiesta!

The catch is that there is a charge of eleven euros for swapping from one system to the other so that your projected savings over the next six months are wiped out.

Originally this one-off charge was to cover an engineer going out and switching you over, but nowadays with ‘intelligent meters,’ there is no personnel displacement so it’s just a case of hitting a button.

Consumer associations are trying to get the cross-over charge abolished but Endesa and other electricity companies are having none of it.

Since October last year, electricity providers must reflect on their bills how much you would have been paying, had you been on the variable rate (nocturna). Therefore, all those users on fixed rates can see what the difference would be and make an informed decision on whether to change over or not.

(News: Spain)

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  1. John Dymond
    August 16, 2019 at 4:23 pm

    Several years ago there was such a scheme, the householder had to provide a separate meter in a secure meter box and tun a cable into the house, all this being done by a professional Electrician and requiring a Bulitin. I did this, good for a while and then Endesa cancelled the service. So I have the system in place. Now the question is, will my already in place system not attract any other cost? Or will I still be charged to switch over? We wait with baited breath.

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