Fake Iberian Hams

GRA Polish Serrana FraudFACUA, which is a consumer-rights organisation, has reported a major Spanish distributor of Jamón Serrano for fraud.

According to FACUA, the distributor, Comapa, which provides Ibérico, meat products for Carrefour, for example, has allegedly been passing off hams from Poland as Ibérico Jamón Serrano, specifically, from the Alpujarras. The company uses its own cured-ham label, Jamones Sierra Alpujarra for this purpose; therein lies the deception.

Apparently, the pigs are bred in Poland and then slaughtered before being shipped off to several regions around Spain, but in no instances, to any meat-curing houses in the Alpujarras, despite the label they bear.

Basically, when you buy Ibérico cured meats, be they Jamón Serrano or any other kind of cured meats, the name implies that the animal are bred, slaughtered and their meat cured all within Spain.

(News: Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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