Something’s Missing…

COS JellyfishDon’t say it too loudly, in case they hear, but so far this summer there have been no jellyfish swarms besieging our beaches.

By this stage of the summer last year, lifeguards had treated over 3,000 people for jellyfish stings along the Costa Tropical, whereas this year they have only had to treat barely a hundred: 30 on Playa Granada and Playa Poniente,with similar amounts reported in Salobreña and Almuñécar

Bathers were used to seeing the red beach flag flying indicating that bathing was not recommended, precisely because of shoals of leering jellyfish, packed shoulder to shoulder, just waiting for the unwary to put a tentative big toe into the water.

Things were so bad last summer that the Mancomunidad had actually threatened to commission a study to find out how to tackle the annual invasion of jellyfish. The work was to be carried out by the Universidad de Granada and funded by the Junta. That idea, however, has since swum off with the menacing, briny blighters.

Cartoon JellyfishBut they’re out there, oh yes! Huddling together, planning an all-out offensive before the summer is out, or next year, or perhaps the next – they’re sneaky like that.

According to one university professor up in Granada, their absence could have come about for several reasons: the westerly gales that have abounded this year has kept the water cooler – jellyfish are wimps when it comes to cold water.

He also said that what was needed is the promised but missing, in-depth investigation. Alas, our politicians have the attention span of roadkill, however.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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