MOT GC coastguardsA total of 18 illegal immigrants were arrested by the Guardia Civil on Thursday soon after they reached land in Salobreña.

They were just metres from the shore when they were spotted by a G.C. launch just off the Barranco del Safío. The launch had been alerted to their presence by the coastal-radar system (SIVE) in the early hours of the morning.

Upon being intercepted by the launch, they jumped into the water and swam for the shore. However, three of them had to be fished out because they had been in serious difficulty in the water.

The men (all of them were males, although two claimed to be minors) didn’t get far as the terrain is very steep leading off the shoreline.

Editorial note: some readers are uncomfortable with the terminology but if anybody enters the  country , then they are ‘illegal’ entrants. Whether they are economic migrants/immigrants or refugees can only be determined at a later date therefore a blanket term can only be used.

(News: Salobreña, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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