A New Puerto Banús in Motril?

MOT New MarinaThat is what this project to build a marina on Playa Granada is being sold as, by politician and developers, with its 40,000,000 price tag.

This inland Marina on Playa Granada will include a golf course, dwellings and business premises, explained the Chairman of the Compensation Board (a board made up of the owners of the affected land). The said chairman, Antonio Mañas, is also the Chairman of Grupo Empresarial AM, which manages Tiresur – a big tyre distributor. He is the largest land owner involved, as well.

The exact area stretches between the campsite on Playa de Poniente and Chiringuito Hoyo 19 on Playa Granada, having an area of approximately 100,000 sq/m.

Now, to build this project the Municipal-Urban-Development-Plan blueprint (2011 PGOU) will have to be modified. The 2011 development plan has been lying dead in the water owing to the recent economic crisis. The new Mayor Sra. Chamorro (PP), however, is keen as mustard to back this marina project, so the Town Hall will working all out to get the municipal urban-development plan adjusted to include the marina.

The marina won’t be handling large yachts or cruise ships, as was originally envisaged, but more on small leisure craft, along the lines of the Marina del Este.

Having got the backing of the Town Hall and created a compensation board consisting of all the different landowners, the next step is the Junta de Andalucia. Remember, it will be an inland marina meaning that the coastline will be dug out to let seawater in, so that once it becomes ‘part of the sea’ the land automatically becomes public. It also means that the project will have to require a pretty stiff environmental-impact report.

Yes, the Mayor is behind the project: “The Town Hall pulling out all the stops, getting the political and technical paperwork done in order to make this project come about,” she assured.

Editorial comment: Where to start? Motril has a large port and it also has a marina, does it need another marina, which is, if it is true to form in these cases, an excuse for building luxury dwellings like mad. Over in Almuñécar there was a 100%-approved marina for Playa El Pozuelo , the other side of Playa El Tesorillo. After 30-odd years, the Junta withdrew authorisation as nothing had moved. The reason? Because permission for the marina did not include a swathe of luxury dwellings… so no investers were interested.

Finally, on Playa Granada there is a parking deficit, which Costas and the Town Hall are incapable of sorting out… and they’re going to march down the aisle hand-in-hand over a massive inland marina?

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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