Capsized Catamaran Rescue

SPN Rescuing a man in a boatThe Guardia Civil Maritime patrol vessel rescued a 60-year-old man after his small catamaran capsized when he was several miles out to sea.

The incident occurred on Friday the 28th of last month, three nautical miles off Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona).

The coastal-patrol vessel, Río Francolí was covering its normal route when it came across the craft with the occupant trying frantically to right it in the heavy swell.

They took him on board and then took the craft, which was not in danger of sinking, into tow and brought it back to the coast.

The man was exhausted as he explained that he had spent over an hour trying to right the small catamaran.

Editorial note: This type of sailing dinghy is known as a Catalan catamaran, which has no rudder or centre board and is steered by the single occupant shifting his weight.

(News: Vilassar de Mar, Barcelona, Cataluña)

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