Thefts of Opportunity

SAL Monte Almendros EntranceNow that the summer is here, it is not only tourists who come down to the coast, but also the light fingered.

Yesterday on Monte de los Almendros is a case in point. It was in the late afternoon that a house owner in residence phoned a neighbour who was away to say that there was somebody swimming in his pool. He, in turn, phoned the agency that was looking after his house in his absence.

A representative went up to the house and saw a young man in his 20s calling at the entrance gate of nearby house. The representative asked the man if he had been in the pool and he said that he had, but said that he had got the wrong house having arranged to meet a friend there. He apologised profusely .

Unbeknown to the representative and earlier in the afternoon, a breakdown lorry had received a call from an insurance policy holder in La Caleta. He met the man, who said that his car had broken down on Monte de los Almendros. He was carrying a sports bag and had his car keys.

The grua driver was a bit surprised by the client’s vague directions and when they finally reached a cul-de-sac at the top of the urbanización the grua man asked, exasperated, where the car was. The client said he didn’t know and got out of the lorry and the two parted company with the grua driver driving away with the suspicion that something fishy was going on. He phoned the Guardia Civil.

Scroll forward in time to the moment when the agency representative was at the house, checking that the house was secure. She came across a discarded sports bag hidden in a recess where logs were kept for the fireplace.

Within moments the Guardia Civil arrived in convoy with the breakdown lorry – they had located and detained the young man and were searching for the sports bag.

We can only speculated on what had happened, but it appears that the young man had allegedly stolen the bag, probably from someone on the beach and found car keys and other possessions inside, amongst them the insurance-policy documents. Why he phoned for a breakdown lorry and led the driver on a wild goose chase, and why he should decide to use a swimming pool up there, is probably only known to the suspect and perhaps the Guardia Civil.

The Guardia Civil were probably quick off the mark because, perhaps, they had received several complaints of theft on the beach between la Caleta and El Peñón and the stolen sports bag was the latest.

One thing is for sure, there are thieves about looking to carry out crimes of opportunity; unattended houses, cars and possessions on a beach.

Welcome to the summer.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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