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Nerja Grua Rates

NRJ Grua

There are certain Spanish words that foreign residents soon pick up; tapa, multa, siesta, grua, fiesta and autovia, amongst others, which is why using grua requires no translation.

Breakdown Lorry Law Breaker

How many of you have walked up to where you had parked your car to find it missing, replaced by a sniggering sticker on the kerb, informing you that your 4-wheeled sweetheart now nestles in the dungeons of the municipal compound? More than a few.
But then again, how grateful we are to see a breakdown lorry appear when we are stranded on the hard shoulder with an inert and sulking car?
But there is now a third kind of breakdown lorry – or there was until the police arrested its owner/driver: a man who has spent recent years picking up legally parked cars and taking them off to a scrapyard to collect between 100 and 150 euros for each one from an equally crooked scrap-yard owner.

Transported in Ecstasy

The bloody grua (tow truck) gets everywhere and turns up at the most inopportune times – like when you’ve left the car unattended for a moment to rush into the Post Office.