Austrians Rescued at Sea

SPN Austrian Crew RescuedThe two crew members of an Austrian-registered catamaran were rescued by the maritime service of the Guardia Civil off the island of Tabarca (Alicante).

The two Austrian men, aged 66 and 67, were picked up as their vessel was in danger of sinking. Neither required medical assistance.

The rescue operation took place around 18.00h on Monday after the Guardia Civil vessel, Rio Ladra picked up a may-day on the VHF maritime-channel 16 from the stricken catamaran.

The crew had sent out the SOS because their pumps were unable to deal with the water flooding into their engine room.

When they drew up alongside the catamaran, it was leaning over to starboard and in the process of going under. However, the Guardia Civil managed to contain the inflow of water, stabilise the vessel and tow it into Alicante Port, arriving around 20.00h.

Once hauled up onto the launch ramp, dock-installation pumps were used to completely empty the catamaran of sea water.

(News: Alicante, Valencia)

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