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Austrians Rescued at Sea

By Vivienne Hughes

The two crew members of an Austrian-registered catamaran were rescued by the maritime service of the Guardia Civil off the island of Tabarca (Alicante). »

Sunken Submarine Honoured

By Editor

Have you ever heard of the Republican Navy, C3 Submarine that was sunk off Málaga during the Spanish Civil War? Well, you have now! »

That Sinking Feeling

By Martin Myall

Otura, which is a town off the autovia just before Granada, is sinking about a centimetre a year - hardly free fall, admittedly, but not frightfully clever, either. »

Armada Sinking Anniversary

By David Darby

The 19th October saw the anniversary of the sinking of 25 ships in the bay at Marina del Este back in 1562. »

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