Hospital Corruption?

SPN Dialysis TreamentDoctors are being investigated by the Health Board over allegations of taking bribes from the German company, Fresenius, providers of dialysis products .

It was an article published by the Spanish national daily, El País that motivated the investigation into whether several doctors working at public hospitals had accepted cash, gifts and all-paid trips in exchange for confidential information.

Fresenius Medical Care also reportedly bribed the said doctors to send patients to their clinics or simply buy material from them for the hospitals where they worked.

According to El País, this illicit activity took place between 2007 and 2015, between the company and nephrologists (kidney specialists) working at public hospitals in Valencia, Almería and Barcelona, amongst other places.

It is relevant to point out that this company reached a court deal in the USA in which they agreed to hand over 231.7-million dollars in order to avoid being processed for a violation of an anti-corruption law concerning business dealings abroad. In fact, the company itself, in its own defence, pointed this out because “it happened a long while ago and all involved were dismissed from the company.”

(News: Spain)

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