Hope for Illegal Builds?

AXA SOHA Illegal CortijosAn association of  illegal-dwellings owners in the Axarquía area of Málaga (many of whom are foreigners) has called upon the new Junta administration to be “brave.”

The now ruling party in the Junta de Andalucía, the PP, made pledges during the election campaign conerning the legalisation of cortijos built on non-building land. Now, their voters are calling them on this promise.

The Spokesperson for Save Our Homes Axarquía (SOHA), Belgian resident, Mario Blancke, pointed out that the  measures approved by the Board of Ministers to increase the number of illegal-builds eligible to be connected to basic services, as “short of the mark and out of touch.”

What the association wants is that these illegal-builds be recognised as Legal Fuera de Ordenacíon or in other words, ‘built outside urban development limits but legal.’

The Mayor of Alcaucín, for example, says that there are at least a dozen illegal-builds that have achieved this status from the Andalusian Advisory Board (Consejo Consultivo de Andalucía).

“These property owners were convinced that their homes were built strictly in accordance with building and urban development laws therefore legislators cannot turn their backs on the existence of these dwellings, the vast majority of which were built a long time ago,” explained the said Mayor.

The association considers that a solution must be found for the dwellings that have had their building licences annulled by a Junta that has completely ignored the situation for over a decade.

The association had a meeting with the Ciudadanos Spokesperson for the Comisión de Ordenación del Territorio, Juan de Dios Sánchez yesterday. let’s see what comes of it.

Editorial comment: If you find yourself in this situation but over here in the province of Granada, it is well worth following the link that we have provided; the website is very  informative.

(News: Axarquia, Malaga, Andalucia)

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