Looking Back: Underground Parking

Velilla worksite

Velilla worksite

Today’s retrospective glance takes us back to May 2009 when both beach thoroughfares remained completely hampered by the stalled underground parking projects.

To get a feel of how frustrated the residents of Almuñécar were over this situation, you have to remember that the Paseo del Altillo underground parking had only just been inaugurated after years of inactivity which came close to  destroying local businesses in that area.

Then, the Town Hall under Mayor Benavides had decided to build underground parking on Velilla and San Cristóbal only for the same problem to reoccur – total disaster!

Things got so desperate that people were calling for the huge pits to be filled in with earth, tarmac laid on top and for the whole thing to be forgotten.

Anyway, some of you were here back then and will remember it well, whilst others get step into this Gazette Time Machine and see what was happening.

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  1. May 8, 2019 at 11:12 am

    It would be interesting to know the financial rate of return on the Town Hall investment in the Almuñécar underground car parks.

    Whether all the disruption and destruction of local businesses at the time was justified by the Town Hall coining it in (for the local residents’ benefit, of course!) in subsequent years – or whether it has been proven to be just a wasteful ‘white elephant’/ vanity project.

    I can’t remember ever having seen anyone entering or leaving the San Cristobal one, for example.

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