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Looking Back: Summer Summary

By Martin Myall

The first article this month that takes a look at what was going on along our coast ten years ago was a summary of summer 2009. »

Looking Back: A-7 Inaugurated

By Martin Myall

Ten years ago this month the stretch of autovia between La Herradura and Taramay in Almuñécar was inaugurated - little remained for the A-7 to be completed. »

Looking Back: Salobreña Marina

By Martin Myall

The first of this month's Looking Back choices deals with the long-promised marina in Salobreña, which was supposed to be built next to La Caleta. »

Looking Back: ATM Mugging

By Martin Myall

Much like last month's article from a decade back, La Herradura was going through a rough patch owing to muggings, flashers and a whole range of unsavoury happenings. »

Looking Back: A New Bridge

By Martin Myall

Back in the far-off days when the Darby family used to live in La Herradura, Dave was closely following the building of a bridge... instead of the road. »

Looking Back: Medical Centre

By Editor

Today's Looking Back article is about the old medical centre in La Herradura, which was in its last throes of use. »

Looking Back: The P4 Trap

By Martin Myall

Today's Looking Back article deals with a confusing traffic-light set up in Almuñécar, which was producing quite a few traffic fines. That's the one on the P-4 junction. »

Looking Back: Motril Palms

By Martin Myall

The last of the May 2009 looking Back articles concerns the fate of the palm trees along the Avenidad de Salobreña in Motril, uprooted when they modernised the thoroughfare. »

Looking Back: Peña Escrita

By Martin Myall

Here's another article from ten years back, this time dealing with the Peña Escrita mountain park in the municipality of Almuñécar. »

Looking Back: Snake Post

By Martin Myall

Today's article from a decade ago is about a La Herradura resident that decided to send a live anaconda to Madrid inside a package marked 'books.' »

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