Looking Back: May 2009

Wednesday, May 1, 2019
By Martin Myall

ALM A-7 TaramayThis is the first article this month from the Looking Back series and deals, in this case, with the arrival of the A-7 as far as Taramay, coming from the West.

There was a great deal of scepticism – and with good reason – each time it was announced that a particular section of autovía would be inaugurate, it didn’t happen. In fact, these predictions failed more times “than a fairground air rifle” as the Spanish say.

Yet the Taramay section was finally completed and linked to the N-340 at the Taramay roundabout, not without controversy, however, over how steep and tight the bends were on the connecting road.

Thus far, you could drive from Taramay to Málaga and beyond in the one direction, but that was where it ended in the meantime because there very last section of the A-7, linking Taramay to Lobres and beyond was still not complete.

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