Mocking The Less Fortunate

MOT Mocking the PoorA sketch within the online TV programme, La Resistencia on Movistar+, poked fun, mercilessly, at a poor area of Motril, Huerta Carrasco.

The mocking report has gone viral on social media while at the same time drawing scathing criticism from everybody from the Mayor of Motril down.

In one scene the camera zooms in on a street cleaner, remarking that the Google car had better be careful because the street sweeper would go for him with his switch-blade knife.

The images indeed come from a Google, street-mapping car that entered into the barrio, but is the way that the TV ‘comic’ puts them to use that has drawn this criticism.

“This is the financial, nerve centre of Motril where all economic decisions for the town are taken,” it quips whilst using the zoom feature to pick out people sat on benches.

With the local elections only four weeks away, local branches of political parties, including the PP and Ciudadanos, were quick off the mark to condemn the sketch.

The Mayor, Flor Almón, has demanded a little respect for the town on social media: “I’ve got a good sense of humour, just like most people, but I ask where is the line between laughing with us and laughing at us, “adding, “I don’t like it when they laugh at people a few means; the less fortunate. I don’t like it when they laugh at a whole barrio and I don’t like people who think that they are better than others because they have more.”

She concluded with, “I only ask for a good sense of humour n such programmes], of the type that doesn’t set out to wound nor humiliate.”

(News; Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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