A Thousand-Strong Turn Out

MOT Water Protest 3Around a thousand people turned out for the Rules Dam protest on the Plaza de la Coronación in Motril yesterday; the first of several planned.

They were there to make their voices heard after 18 years of waiting for a distribution system for irrigation water from the dam down to the coast to be built.

The Head of the Comunidad de Regantes del Bajo Guadalfeo, Antonio Alonso, said that they would not let politicians continue to side step their responsibility, and there were plenty of politicians present in the square.

“We have spent 18 years waiting for this pipe network, trying our best against all kinds of administration and up to now, we have had no joy,” rebuked Sr. Alonso, adding, “let this gathering have sufficient voice to confront those administrations and get the job done, with the backing of politicians or without them.”

The bickering between the regional and national administrations, fruit of their opposing political colour has been the cause of this lamentable delay, he said before those gathered on the square.

He concluded with the threat that people are going to vote in the upcoming elections according to how political parties and their politicians respond to this protest.

Amongst those facing him were political representatives from the main parties here on the Costa Tropical, all of them pending  looming municipal, provincial, and national elections.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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