Caterpillar Nests Problem

CAS CaterpillarsThe Salobreña Town Hall has requested that the Provincial Environmental Department belonging to the Junta do something about the caterpillar nests.

We’re referring to the poisonous caterpillars known in Spanish as the La procesionaria del pino (Thaumetopoea pityocampa)  which have candy-floss-like nests in pine trees. At this time of year they migrate, in nose to tail strings from the trees.

They are very poisonous and are responsible for the deaths of many pets, especially dogs, whose curiosity leads them to ‘sample the caterpillars.’ At the very least the dog might lose part of its tongue through necrosis.

People take a broom to them, which is not a good idea because it is the caterpillar hairs that contain the poison and all a broom does is spreads them around. The best course it to take a house pipe to them and wash them off your paths and patios, etc.

The Town Hall is concerned about the Camino del Canal between the Urbanización del Monte de los Almendros and the waterworks in the Rambla de Molvízar.

Furthermore, the Municipal Environmental Department has hired a specialised firm to treat the 45 pine trees within the municipality between La Caleta up to Monte Almendros.

Unfortunately, the mild weather that we have been having is fuelling the spread of caterpillar nests, which is why it is urgent that the Junta and Town Hall act to counter it.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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