Fishing for Rubbish

Friday, February 1, 2019
By Martin Myall

MOT The cleanup fishing menMotril fishermen do not only go out to catch fish, but they also go out to drag up and bring back rubbish from the seabed.

The fact is that people who live off the sea are very aware that it needs to be cared for, which is why they go out to remove what the rivers have brought down and some slovenly beach users have left, all of which eventually ends up on the seabed.

Every day, four boats belonging to the Cofradía de Pescadores de Motril, take the time too collect all the rubbish that their nets bring up, separating it according to the material.

Scientist and retired professor, Enrique Montero, from the University of Cádiz has set up this environmental project in Motril entitled, Ecopuertos, and has nothing but praise for the local fishermen.

And he has every reason to have because the Motril fishing fleet is the only one in the whole of Spain that goes out on a day-to-day basis collecting and separating the rubbish so that the Ecopuertos project can classify and determine the origin of each find.
Professor Montero pointed out that no other class of boat could bring in the same results as the fishing fleet, thanks to their nets and skill at using them.

You’d be surprised by what they bring to the surface. Amongst the 46,000 objects in just one year there were four sunken immigrant boats, for example.

So far the rubbish analysed breaks down thus: 22% comes from angling, such as hooks, lines, weights and even batteries from torches. 19% comes from agricultural waste and 16% were consumer products.

The Motril fishing fleet will continue cooperating with the project until the end of the year, making a note of each time exactly what and where they have ‘fished something out,’ of the sea.


Editorial note: Yes, I used “fishermen” because it is ridiculous to use “fisherpersons” or “fisherfolk” regardless of whether the fishing boat has women amongst the crew.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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