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Cleaning Up 700 Metres Down

By Martin Myall

Motril's fishermen have been at it again and we don't mean fishing... at least for fish, as they have been out collecting rubbish. »

Fishing for Rubbish

By Martin Myall

The Motril fishermen do not only go out to catch fish, but they also go out to drag up and bring back rubbish from the seabed. »

Equo’s Underwater Protest

By Vivienne Hughes

(COH 08B) Coinciding with the World Environment Day, members of the ecologist group carried out an underwater protest concerning the health of our seabeds. »

Motril Fishing Fleet Disappearing

By Martin Myall

Are we witnessing what appears to be the last days of Motril's fishing sector because the crisis and the changing times appearing to be sinking what waves and rocks could not. »

Motril Fishing Fleet Despairs

By Martin Myall

"If we were able to at the moment, we said the whole fleet to the scrap yard." These are the bitter words of the Head of the Fishing Sector at Motril Port. »

EU Sinks Motril Fishermen

By Martin Myall

On the 18th of October, the moratorium expires which closed off the fishing grounds, but coupled to this date is the EU fishery requirement that the fishermen change the type of nets that they use - an economical impossibility. »

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