Spy in The Sky

SPN Spy in the Sky 01The Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) has incorporated eleven drones into their equipment for catching out drivers who break the law.

These spies-in-the-sky, that went through a series of successful trials use Veloláser to help control the roads and will be operating later this year.

Now we’re not talking about Reaper drones that will take you out with a missile (although, admittedly more than one of us would have liked to take out a few drivers with one) but rather the small ones using multiple rotors.

These drones aren’t able to detect speeding, but rather people carrying out illegal or dangerous manoeuvres. However, unlike the traffic helicopters, they will be used at night.

They will mainly be used over autovías and autopistas during dense-traffic weekends, such as bank-holiday weekends.

The drones have a maximum flight time of two hours and a control range of only 500 metres, meaning that they will probably be used by patrol cars sneakily hidden away on a road siding!

Yes, their 13 megapixel cameras will be able to detect and chuckle over your bold patch as you speed along merrily in your soft-top, so your number-plate identification will be no problem.

(News: Spain)

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