Motril to Lose Extra Police

ALM Policia Nacional carExtra police were transferred in to Motril to cope with the steady influx of illegal immigrants/migrants last summer but now they will be leaving.

This coming loss of police coverage is causing some alarm because the  original number of officers in the Policía Nacional will be incapable of normal policing as well as coping with the unrelenting arrival of boatloads of people from coming North Africa.

There is no doubt about it that these 21 extra police officers are needed, says the police union, Sindicato Unificado de Policía. Readers should note that the 21 officers were sent as a detachment to the province as a whole from other command posts around Spain, and not just in Motril, although the majority ended up in Motril.

According to the Secretary of the SUP, César Calín, the Ministry of the Interior has not only failed to increase the permanent police numbers requested by the union, but has decided to withdraw the detachment of extra officers.

According to the Secretary, this decision is “inexplicable” that these reinforcements will withdraw at the end of this month. Furthermore he pointed out that the SUP has been trying for years to get a larger policing staff because the Ministry doesn’t appear to be taking into account the fact that Motril is a border town, given that it is a port town.

Editorial note: we use “illegal” because of how, not why, these people are entering the country, most of whom will be transiting through Spain rather than staying.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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