Elderly Italian Woman Rescued

SPN Old Lady RescuedThe mountain-rescue team belonging to the Guardia Civil, EREIM located a lost 91-year-old Italian who had gone missing in the mountains.

She had been reported missing on Saturday the 22nd during the afternoon on Pico del Agudo in Orijuela. A team of over 20 Guardia Civil personnel began a search, working against the clock as the night drew in.

The search continued into the night using tracker dogs and working in collaboration with Protección Civil, the fire service and the Policía Local.

The missing woman was located from the air the next morning around 10.30h and the EREIM were given her coordinates to bring her back. The team gave her water and warm clothing as she was showing signs of hypothermia after a night out in the open with a temperature of four degrees above zero.

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However, getting her out of the mountainous area was difficult and finally a helicopter belonging to the fire service winched her off the mountain side and took her directly to the Hospital de Elche.

You’re probably wondering what the hell she was doing up in the mountains by herself – so are we, but there is no information available to clarify that question at the moment.

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