Drugs Bust on La Herradura Beach

LHR Drugs Bust Dec18There has been a major drugs bust in La Herradura with the Guardia Civil intercepting 2.5 tonnes of hashish being smuggled  in using a RIB.

The police operation unfolded in the early hours of the 13th on Playa de Calaiza and resulted in the arrest of a 37-year-old Moroccan indocumentado (no official residency documents). The police are continuing to search for two other individuals who managed to flee the scene.

The craft (RIB) was detected at ten minutes past midnight by the SIVE operators (coastal network using infrared detection) some three nautical miles off Almuñécar, travelling slowly between four and five knots.

It was the Almuñécar SIVE post that detected the craft and informed the HQ in Granada, who immediately called out the Coast Guards. The patrol boat located the RIB around 01.00h and saw that there were three persons onboard and that the RIB was loaded down with waterproof packages.

Upon being detected the RIB accelerated and sped off to the nearest part of the coastline, jettisoning packages along the way. During the chase one of the three men fell overboard but the RIB managed to land on Playa Calaiza and the two remaining crew ran off to hide in the undergrowth.

Whilst the Guardia Civil land patrol started to search for the fugitives, the Coast Guard launch began to search for the man who had fallen overboard. The Motril launch was joined by ones from Málaga and Almería.

It was the SIVE specialised. cameras which picked up the third man as he reached the shore and began climbing up a steep hill above the beach. He was completely naked and didn’t get very far before being captured by the Guardia land units.

The police then took charge of the narco-launch; an 11-metre-long RIB with three powerful, outboard motors, together with 83 large packages containing the drugs, as well as mobile phones and handheld navigational equipment.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucía – Photos JM de H)

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